Private, one-on-one tutoring and study is available for those wishing to obtain Certification as Master Astrologers. 

     Astrological courses of study may include:

     Basic Professional Astrology

     Chart Comparison and

                Relationship Counseling

     Synthesis and Interpretation

     The Study of Transits and

                 Astrological Prognosis

     Ritual Astrology


     My goal is to be affordable. All money from consultations goes directly to support The Hermit’s Grove’s programs. None of it goes to me as income, allowing my prices to be exceptionally competitive for a professional with my experience and skill. These are new rates, substantially lower to celebrate my return to the Upper Mississippi Valley.

☆   Basic Appointment

      New Clients $85.00 for a 90 minute consultation

      Focus on natal chart interpretation; understanding of past events and situations; foresight into coming year (based on transits).

      It is preferable that you have a copy of the chart(s) I will be using prior to the scheduled reading for your own ease of understanding.

      Includes cost of telephone call within North America. I also offer GoToMeeting for face-to-face sessions.

     sliding fee: $50.00 – 60 minutes

      A Basic Appointment may used to cover one of the following:

      Individual Natal Chart Interpretation

      Natal Chart Interpretation of Partner or Family Member (single chart only – see below for families and relationships)

      Transit Chart *

☆   Relationships and Partnerships

      Two individuals both new clients?

              $115.00 – 90 minutes

      Thirty minutes on each individual.

      Remaining thirty minutes discussing issues of compatibility.

      Suggested: $150.00 for two full hours. Ninety minutes may not feel adequate to you.

      Learn where you can build on your common trends and where you can grow and learn through differences. Understand the strengths and weakness of your relationship.

      Groups and families? Please consult me for the fee.

  Computer-Generated Material

      One or two copies of your natal chart: $5.00 (includes postage)

      Computer-generated natal chart interpretation: $10.00 (includes postage)

      Computer-generated relationship charts


      Payment with check or money order payable to ‘The Hermit’s Grove’ is in advance. Personal checks may require additional time to clear the bank. [Bounced checks bring bad transits!]

      Barter and work-study options are worked out individually.

      For faster scheduling, we accept Visa and Mastercard.

      To schedule an appointment, please contact me by phone (507) 896-3339 or email ( If calling to reach me, I may be teaching, working in the gardens or providing service in the community off-site. If you reach our voice mail, please leave a day time phone number and what time you take morning calls so I can return your call for scheduling. I am most likely to call early – my work day M-F begins around 4:30 am o’clock a.m. Central time.

* My decades of professional experience lead me to recommend that you will gain far more relevant information through a transit reading than with a progressed chart.