The Hive

      The Hive is a 3,000 square foot building behind the house. In a manner of speaking, it is open nearly 24 hours a day, thanks to the odd work and sleep schedule of our Founder.

      It has a variety of functions:

Administrative work: the office area includes space for the Founder (who is also the editor, bookkeeper, head of The Mystery School, head of the Master Herbalist Program and far more than you probably want to know); the Church’s Membership Secretary; and one for our volunteers. This area includes file cabinets and archives.

The Subscription & Research Library: About 300 square feet holds the library, 4,200 books (catalogued and carded). These are available for study onsite.

Publishing: We publish promotional materials, the monthly newsletter, educational materials and comb-bound books on site. The printing and binding for our retail soft-bound books is done in Illinois and those books are kept in the Hive pending sale.

Games & Table: The game table is a large piece of glass sitting atop a pedestal. If you lean upon or put pressure on the edge you will topple it over. Living in the Seattle area the Beyerls played monthly with different groups and couples. We have dozens of boxed games.

Educational Activity: We have space for classes with as many as 20 students. Both Beyerls are Mentors for Mystery School students and hold confidential telephone calls with students as well as counseling as clergy. We have equipment on site which is used for streaming classes and occasional rituals from the Hive. Rev. Paul also records for his YouTube channel.

The Herbal Area: We carry more than 220 dried botanicals for sale either mail order or in person.
Do not open or handle the jars.

The Puzzle Table: As we learned from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, having a permanent table for assembling a picture or jigsaw puzzle is very healing. Guests sit and puzzle away. Keep the pieces on the table and keep them clean.

Gem & Mineral Display: Look but do not touch. With permission, you may handle the stones but you will need to wash your hands and wear nitrile gloves.

The Residence

      The residence provides housing for the caretakers and for individuals who have arranged to stay onsite for personal or Church retreats. The ground-level rooms are off limits to anyone else.

      The Great Room includes

The music area. Please do not play the piano without permission. Permission will include hand-washing

The household computer. Please, this is not a public computer.

The kitchen. This is not a public kitchen.

 The main temple and meditation area. Advance arrangements may be made. Do not handle ritual items!