Within The Tradition of Lothloriën, we see ritual as a form of communion with the Divine. Our basic beliefs regarding ritual and its effects within the astral are detailed in A Wiccan Bardo, Revisited. Some Members attend group rituals and others work as solitaries. In the passing of time we hope to have more communities founded by those fully trained in Lothloriën.

Our indoor temple

      A ritual schedule is published in the Annual Report with monthly updates in the RTNews for all Members. We share The Ritual of Lothloriën at Full Moon and a variety of rituals at the Sabbats. In addition, we offer a monthly healing ritual. The Child of Light Ritual is based upon Essene manuscripts, transcending religious boundaries as a nondenominational rite. Any Member can ask for healing energies, either for self or for kindred.

      Other rituals include Handfasting and marriage, the Ritual of Baby Blessing, and the Ritual for the Dead. Rituals are scheduled by The College of Mentors of The Mystery School, but participation is open to all Members. Books of our rituals are published for all Members.

      Check our community page on Facebook. This is where you will find our ritual schedule:


Eight Sabbat Rituals

1997-98 by Rev. Paul Beyerl

Ritual for Fall

1995 by Rev. Gerry Beyerl

2015 by Rev. Gerry Beyerl

Ritual for Spring

The Descent of the Goddess: A Hallowmas Ritual of Lothloriën

2016 by Rev. Charly McCreary

Our outdoor temple

The Deva Ritual of Lothloriën: A Ritual of Meditation for Communion with the Herbe Devas

1979 by Rev. Paul Beyerl

The Hallowmas Ritual of Lothloriën

1979 by Rev. Paul Beyerl                                                                                                 

The Handfasting Ceremony of Lothloriën

1982 by Rev. Paul Beyer

The Ritual for the Dead of Lothloriën

1986 by Rev. Paul Beyerl

The Ritual of Atonement: A Past Which No Longer Belongs to Us

2016 by Kyle Hulbert with Rev. Paul Beyerl

The Ritual of Baby Blessing of Lothloriën

1994 by Rev. Paul Beyerl

The Ritual of Lothloriën

1979 by Rev. Paul Beyerl

The Yule Ritual of Lothloriën: How the Little Unicorn Watched the Birth of the Sun Child

1983 by Rev. Paul Beyerl