We take our religion seriously, which is one of the reasons we have such a joyful time in many of our rituals.
We are a small organization yet for small numbers in our inner circles, we tend a lot of needs in the world.
We have two programs for volunteers who are Voting Members and wish to do their part in living a good life. The Galadhrim is a service organization. To balance their hard work they represent themselves as a ‘herd of Unicorns.’
A Lay Ministry program enables a Member to lead rituals and represent the Church in many ways.
The Child of Light is a ritual invocation which we have used to bring healing energy to a great many people over the past 35 years.
The POP is our Prisoner Outreach Program. There are Wiccans who make really bad mistakes but there re many more men and women who find Wicca after ending up incarcerated and for whom it turns their live around. This is the most demanding ministry but the most rewarding.