Traditional (Voting) Membership

Membership Options

As we observe the 40th anniversary of our legal incorporation, we have made changes in the options offered for membership and participation in our organization which better reflect today’a reality.

Become part of our extended family

      This level of membership is ideal for the person who likes being ‘a friend of’ The Hermit’s Grove or of The Rowan Tree Church. This is for the person who enjoys spending time with us, attending an occasional ritual or class, but who does not wish to take on the level of involvement and  commitment of a Voting Member. 

      We have numerous people who are not members but who participate in many of the activities, former members, subscribers, donors… Many of these people have been part of our life and activities for over twenty years and are truly extended family.

      What our extended family membership offers is very simple. Let us know that you wish to be part of the extended family. You will receive the monthly newsletter by email (a pdf file).  You will receive the Annual Report each year as a pdf file. You will have some benefits available which are not offered to the public. We do not ask for donations (but they would be helpful).

      How can we do this? Because we can send the newsletters and Annual Report to you by email, we can afford this. And if you change your mind? Send an email.

      It’s as simple as that.

Become a Voting Member in our parent organization

      Becoming a Voting Member in the ‘parent organization’ means becoming a Voting Member of The Rowan Tree Church. You become part of our immediate family. How do you do this?

      The first step is to acquire a copy of A Wiccan  Bardo, Revisited.

      The second step is to read the book.

      The third step is to think about this. Is this a Tradition of Wicca you would like to integrate into your life? You can do so and continue with your previous religious affiliations. We have a long history of Members who are ‘hybrid,’ continuing to attend a synagogue or Christian Church or Circle with their families and  being quite comfortable. You are never asked to quit another practice, unless it is self-destructive or harmful to others.

      The fourth step is to write to our Membership Secretary and request Church [Voting] Membership.

      Our bylaws ask you to send in the monthly form or cover the same information in a note to our Membership Secretary.