This is the study in which a person’s natal chart is studied in relationship to their health and wellness.

The basic disposition to health and wellness based upon the natal chart is highly useful.

There are several key items found in a natal chart which are indicative of a predisposition toward health. There are also several key locations in a chart which are indicative of a predisposition.

Most of these are usually affected by transiting planets, sometimes with humorous effects.

My prognosis work includes the study of correspondences.

There are traditional health and wellness tendencies associated with the zodiacal signs. There are also correspondences which go with the planets.

Saturn, for example, is corresponded with bones and skeletal structure but also with stones which can be formed in internal organs.

Neptune is corresponded with the kidneys, as is Libra,

In my birth chart, Neptune was in Libra when I was born, and several decades ago when Saturn – the planet in sky – was moving through the precise point in the sky which is Libra, and where Neptune was when I was born, I was in the emergency room passing kidney stones.

I am able to look forward into the coming year for clients, to see if there are any stressful periods. Knowing to expect stress diminishes its impact and herbal medicine may be implemented with which to fortify the patient.